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ELCA starts European platform for urban greening

16 Sep 2020 | Industry News

The European Landscape Contractor's Association, of which BALI is a paying member, together with partners in Denmark, Finland, Romania, Spain, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, has started the European Platform for Urban Greening.

It aims to increase the knowledge and skills to address biodiversity, climate adaptation and wellbeing in an urban environment and to broaden the expertise among professionals in Europe. The educational institutions from the mentioned countries work closely with business partners and governments in order to match the educational offer with regional needs.

From the improvement of air quality to green facades

The challenges, expertise and climate zones differ per region. By joining forces and sharing good practices, regions can learn from green solutions elsewhere. Think for example of roof gardens and green facades, the capture of particulate matter by specific trees and shrubs, edible parks and green solutions for heavy rainfall and long periods of drought.

A selection of the main outcomes

  • 6 Centres of Vocational Excellence for urban greening in Europe
  • Relevant, innovative and attractive curriculum on biodiversity, climate adaptation and well-being in the urban, green living environment
  • Urban greening training offer for continuing professional development of VET teachers and green professionals
  • An educational- and experience centre on vertical green landscaping
  • Virtual and blended learning methods for students and employees
  • Exchange of students, teachers, employees and employers


Wellantcollege is the applicant and coordinating organisation in this project. They will be the main contact point for the European Commission. The Wellantcollege is the largest 'green' agricultural (pre-)Vocational Education and Training (VET) institution in Europe, with 13,000 students and 1,425 staff. The college consists of 23 pre-VET schools and 11 VET schools that are all located in the urban centre and west of the Netherlands. Additionally, Wellantcollege provides professional courses and training to 1,000 clients as part of Lifelong Learning from 5 centres of excellence that are linked to our vocational schools. In the different countries, comparable partners representing green education, the government and the business sector are participating. Umbrella project partner is the European Landscape Contractors Association for green professionals ELCA.

The four-year project is funded by the European Erasmus + funding programme. The European Platform for Urban Greening is one of seven European Platforms of Centres of Vocational Excellence selected by the European Union in 2020. In total there were 55 applications, including more than 1,300 partners from the 27 EU Member States and 25 non-EU countries.

For more information on the new platform contact Managing Director Marie Mertens ( or visit

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