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Government's COVID-19 Winter Plan released

25 Nov 2020 | Industry News

An updated tier system will come into effect in England from 2nd December 2020, following the withdrawal of current lockdown measures. As with the earlier tiered system announced in October this year, 3 tiers - medium (tier 1), high (tier 2) and very high (tier 3) - will be introduced to manage outbreaks of COVID at a local level. 

As with the previous tiered system and lockdown during November, site-based landscape and horticulture business operations can continue, providing COVID-secure measures are implemented. The government urges individuals who can work from home, to do so, but permits all travel for work purposes. All three levels of the new tiered system permit retail businesses to remain open.  

Further details of the new tiered system are available in a 64-page document published earlier this week by the government.

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