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BALI website updated for post-transition

09 Dec 2020 | Technical News

BALI members of all disciplines are reminded of resources where they can find information about the changes associated with post-Brexit biosecurity and trade arrangements.

The 1st January 2021 will represent the start of a new relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union, requiring a different approach to long-established procedures.  Processes associated with importing and exporting plants and plant material will change; rather than EU plant passports, plant phytosanitary certificates will be required on plants and plant material into the UK from the EU with some planting material also being subject to checks by government staff.  UK Plant Passports, a variant of the EU Plant Passports previously used, will be required for the movement of plants within the UK.

Together with the plant health section on the BALI website, the Plant Health Portal, hosted by Defra, contains the latest guidance on post-transition arrangements. 

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