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09 Nov 2020 -
13 Nov 2020
Virtual Broadcast
Opening times:
Monday 9th November: 12:30pm - 14:30pm Wednesday 11th November: 12:30pm - 14:30pm Friday 13th November: 12:30pm - 14:30pm

Effective recruitment and selection is a key function in any business and one that with more and more candidates chasing fewer jobs is becoming increasingly more important to get right the first time.

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A 2017 survey by People Management magazine found that around one in five employees (22 per cent) have left a job during or at the end of their probationary period.  The most common reason given for quitting, cited by 43 per cent of respondents was that the role was ‘not as expected’. This was the most common reason given for quitting.

This was echoed in a survey carried out by the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD) conducted in July of 2020 suggesting that:- “Poor recruitment and selection decisions, by either the employee and employer, are usually to blame for early leavers and that expectations can also often be raised too high during the recruitment process”.

Further to this a CIPD report suggested that the cost of recruitment ranged from two to six thousand pounds depending on the position being filled. With this in mind, managers from all types of organisations are now focusing on the recruitment and selection process in order to get the “hire” right first time.


This online modular programme will be delivered by Howard Rose M.Ed. Assoc CIPD, FLPI, Learning Facilitator. Howard will introduce you to the three major steps in the recruitment & selection process to ensure a maximum chance of appointing and retaining the right employee for your organisation the first time. The course will be split into 3 x 2-hour lunchtime sessions, for your convenience and limited to 10 places per session so that we can ensure that all attendees receive a dedicated learning experience. Below is an outline of the sessions, and the subjects covered in each of the three two-hour virtual classrooms:  


Day 1 (Monday 9th November) Defining and attracting the right person for the job

  • Job descriptions
  • Person specifications
  • Advertising and staying legal

Day 2 (Wednesday 11th November) Identifying the best candidates to interview

  • Competency frameworks
  • CV sifting and practice
  • Interview preparation

Day 3 (Friday 13th November) Interviewing skills and final appointment

  • The interview process WASP and STAR
  • Competency-based interviewing Vs situational based interviewing
  • Practice
  • Note-taking and final decisions
  • Staying legal with your decision and record-keeping

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