PA6a Handheld applicators (hand lance or knapsacks)

Training Course / Workshop

Lowe Maintenance - North Yorkshire
19 Feb 2020
18 Duke Street, Settle, North Yorkshire, BD24 9DN
Opening times:
9am - 4.30pm

Hosted by Lowe Maintenance in Settle, North Yorkshire. PA6a Handheld applicators (hand lance or knapsacks) is one day training with a couple of hours on a second day for the assessment. Total £240 (Inc £20 VAT) per person Please note the PA1 Safe handling and application of pesticides unit must be completed before any application unit can be completed.

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As a professional user of pesticides, you need to ensure you have the correct application unit for when you apply a pesticide. A professional is someone who makes an income somewhere down the line from the activities they are carrying out. As a result, if you are a farmer, landscaper, game keeper or someone employed by a council or rail company this does include you.

Therefore, if you use a knapsack on land to spray or apply pesticides as such as:

  • Herbicides (weedkillers)
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Molluscicides (slugs and snails)
  • Wood preservatives
  • Growth regulators (products that influence plant growth) you will need the PA6a application unit.

The PA6a knapsack or hand lance course covers the following areas:

  • Choice of knapsacks available
  • Nozzles and how to choose the most relevant one for the task your carrying out
  • Regulations in place that you should be following
  • Understanding product labels
  • Sprayer pre checks that you should be completing before use
  • What to include on your environmental risk assessment
  • Calibration of your knapsack sprayer
  • Carry out a mock application of pesticide (food colouring)
  • Explain how to dispose of any waste products or materials
  • Cleaning and storage of your knapsack sprayer
  • Completion of an application record

It is not about adding a dollop of chemical and a bit more for luck then waving a hand lance about!

There is more to it than that and as a professional you need to adhere to industry best practice.

The Lowe Maintenance Training website lists all the PA6a handheld applicators (lance or knapsack) pesticide course dates planned throughout the year. Further details of other scheduled courses can be found here Lowe Maintenance PA6a course details.

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