BALI presents Presentation Skills - Online course

Training Course

18 Feb 2021
Virtual Training, Zoom
Opening times:
10am-3pm with virtual breaks

Video calls– such as Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams - used to be something a few people did. Now, everyone has had to get to grips with running meetings, making presentations and giving sales pitches online. But that doesn’t mean everyone is any good at it!

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We’re often reminded that virtual communication can be awful. If you’re not careful, virtual meetings or presentations can be awkward and uncomfortable experiences for everyone involved. Prospects, clients and colleagues alike can feel disconnected and frustrated that they’re not getting through to each other. We even have a phrase for this feeling, ‘Zoom fatigue’.

How can we fix this?

In this new workshop, Marketing Psychologist Andrew Lloyd Gordon shares the latest research on how to overcome the challenges of virtual communication. You’ll be given practical techniques on how to deal with the lack of face-to-face feedback, lack of empathy, emotion and control and connection.

This workshop will teach you a set of verbal and nonverbal tools that will transform your next online presentation or sales pitch. You’ll learn how to create trust and rapport in a virtual setting with advice for specific online channels such as webinars, the conference call, and even text messaging and email.

While virtual communication will never be as good an experience as face-to-face communication, this workshop will equip you to be an effective online communicator.

  • The New Normal of Business Communication
    • More connected, more alone
    • The opportunities of virtual
    • The challenges of virtual
    • Poor rapport
    • Lack of Feedback
    • The Empathy Gap
    • The Control Problem
    • Emotional disconnect
  • Turning a virtual event into a virtual experience
    • Pre-event engagement tools and checklists
    • Content is King but Participation is Queen
    • Tapping the audience’s knowledge
    • Breakout groups
    • Learning from market leaders
    • What other industries can teach us
  • Meetings
    • Decide on a Need and an Objective
    • Determine the Attendees and Draft an Agenda
    • Define the Remote Logistics
    • Send the Invite, Agenda, and Reminders
  • Presentations
    • Creating a presentation outline
    • Creating compelling content
    • Using visuals to support your message
    • Sharpening your presentation skills
    • Rehearsals
    • Presenting and multi-tasking
    • Follow-up with delegates
  • Pitches
    • The #1 thing virtual sellers needs to focus on
    • 4 key areas to focus on that will differentiate you from the competition
    • How online selling has changed and how sellers must adapt
    • 20 questions for building rapport online
    • How to run effective virtual sales meetings
    • Virtual selling best practices
  • The Tech
    • Selecting the right platforms
    • Screen sharing and capture
    • Animation and whiteboards
    • The how and why of video
    • Basics of audio
    • Polls and surveys
  • Action Plans – bringing the workshop back to the business

Key Benefits

By the end of this workshop, you’ll understand:

  • How to develop your online meetings, presentation and sales frameworks
  • What effective virtual communication looks like
  • How to share your learnings with colleagues in your business

And you’ll be able to:

  • Generate instant rapport with people virtually
  • Analyse your current online communication skills
  • Run effective meetings, give compelling presentations and sell online


This workshop is suitable for those in senior and middle-level leadership, managerial and supervisory positions. The workshop is ideal for those who have direct responsibility or involvement with management, education, sales, marketing, and customer care.

Delivery Method

This half-day training will be delivered as live webinar sessions spread over x4 one-hour sessions per day. These sessions will be delivered via the Zoom meeting software platform with extra resources made available on a separate learning management platform.

Your Online Tutor

All sessions will be run by an experienced Google Academy Tutor (Andrew Lloyd Gordon). Andrew Lloyd Gordon is a Business Psychologist, Consultant, Speaker and Google Academy Trainer. Andrew speaks regularly at conferences and events and is a guest lecturer at several universities and business schools including Cambridge, Warwick, Aston and Lancaster.

Course Material

All delegates receive the slides, workbooks and other supporting material.

Exclusive BALI Member Price 10% Saving (RRP £200)

£180 ex VAT per person

BOOK NOW - You can book a place on this course by following this link. This is a popular subject. Places are therefore limited and will be given on a first-come-first-served basis. To receive 10% off the RRP, please contact Marketing & Communications Manager Darren Taylor for the voucher code, details below.

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