Garden Club London

About Garden Club London

At Garden Club London, we want our clients to feel informed and involved at every stage of the experience from initial consultation to follow-up care. We will advise you on what your garden needs and when it’s needed. Our award winning garden design service is entirely client focussed – we take your brief and work with you to design a garden that maximises the potential of your outside space and fulfils your requirements. We will then give you an itemised estimate of costs to complete the work using our in house landscape team or for larger projects tender the garden build to a dedicated and trusted pool of contractors to provide you with the best value and appropriate scheduling. When the dirty work is complete, our in house team of horticulturists and finishers will plant and make the finishing touches. You will know exactly what your design fees will be before you commission us and when the design is agreed, we’ll stick with you all of the way to completion to keep the project on time and on budget. No funny business, no nasty hidden extras – we have absolutely no financial association to our contractors. Our clients choose us because they know that we are good at what we do and worth every penny of our design fee.

Areas covered

North Thames, South Thames

Types of work undertaken

  • Disabled/Historic Gardens (unlimited)
  • Hard Landscaping (unlimited)
  • Decking (up to £50,000)
  • Synthetic Surfaces (up to £10,000)
  • Fencing (up to £50,000)
  • Ponds And Water Features (up to £10,000)
  • Soft Landscaping (unlimited)
  • Irrigation (up to £5,000)
  • Roof Gardens/Green Roofs (unlimited)
  • Grounds Maintenance (up to £50,000)
  • Design Facility (unlimited)
  • Commercial (unlimited)
  • Domestic (unlimited)