application form

The official application form to apply for a LISS/CSCS SmartCard. 

Please ensure all sections of the form are completed correctly. The checklist below will assist with your application submission.

  • Ensure sections A, B and C of your application form are fully completed
  • Only original signatures will be accepted, photocopy or per pro (pp) signatures will NOT be accepted
  • Provide evidence of ROLO Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Course
  • If you are awaiting your ROLO certificate, please add details to the front of the application form or attach a separate letter to confirm the name of the training provider who delivered the ROLO training and the date on which you took it. We can then verify from our records and continue to process your application
  • Provide evidence of your qualification, registration for qualification or professional membership at the appropriate level
  • Confirmation that your CITB Health, Safety & Environment Touch Screen Test has been passed at the appropriate level.
  • Application fee £38.00 (including VAT at the prevailing rate) per SmartCard applied for. Replacement SmartCards or the updating of information visible on the SmartCard itself will incur the full £38.00 SmartCard fee.
  • Payment can be made by either:
    • a) Enclosing a cheque for £38.00 (cheques payable to BALI)
    • b) By Debit or Credit card over the phone. You will then be given an authorisation code which you should enter in the box in section C on the front of the application form before submitting your application

Download form here