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  • What is LISS/CSCS?
    LISS/CSCS stands for Land-based Industry Skills Scheme (LISS) and Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). It is a jointly managed scheme (LISS/CSCS) exclusively administered by the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI). The scheme provides: a framework for skills development and... Read more
  • What are the aims of the LISS/CSCS scheme?
    The scheme aims to: keep a record of workers in the land-based industry who have achieved a recognised level of competence raise health & safety standards that help to reduce the risks and number of accidents throughout the industry encourage... Read more
  • What are the benefits of the LISS/CSCS scheme?
    The scheme provides the following benefits to individuals: recognition of skills, competence and qualifications improved health and safety awareness improved employment prospects A range of SmartCards are available in relation to occupational categories. Scheme membership is confirmed through the issue... Read more
  • Who manages/oversees the LISS/CSCS scheme?
    The scheme is jointly managed by BALI and CSCS. A committee regulates the administration of the scheme. The committee comprises stakeholders from the industry and currently includes representation from the following organisations: BALI CITB CSCS City & Guilds Highways England... Read more
  • What is BALI's role in LISS/CSCS?
    BALI administers the LISS/CSCS scheme on behalf of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme . Applicants who apply online or via postal also send evidence of achievement to BALI who check that the application is complete and validates the online submission and/or... Read more
  • What is CSCS's role in the LISS/CSCS scheme?
    The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) set the SmartCard categories and administer the CITB Health Safety and Environment Touch Screen Test. CSCS also check that any applications made for a SmartCard are correct and produce all LISS/CSCS SmartCards that are... Read more
  • What are the health & safety training test requirements?
    Applicants applying for a LISS/CSCS SmartCard must: attend and pass a LISS/CSCS recognised ROLO Health, Safety & Environmental Awareness Course pass the CITB Health Safety and Environment Touch Screen Test at the appropriate level for the SmartCard being applied for.... Read more
  • What is ROLO Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness?
    BALI's  ROLO Scheme (Register of Land-Based Operatives) was introduced to raise the standards of health & safety and reduce the risks and accidents throughout the industry for anyone who works in land-based sectors. It also encourages employers to keep a... Read more
  • What SmartCards are available within the LISS/CSCS scheme?
    All installers and operatives must hold a LISS/CSCS SmartCard stating their registered category: Green Labourer Red Trainee or Apprenticeship Blue Skilled Worker Gold Supervisor Black Manager White/Yellow AQP Academically Qualified Person* White/Yellow PQP Professionally Qualified Person* Red Provisional Yellow Visitor *Equivalent... Read more

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