Go Smart App

All CSCS cards are Smart (including LISS/CSCS) – they contain a chip that stores information on the cardholder's identity, qualifications and training.

Site managers can read this information using a smartphone, tablet or PC with the Go Smart app installed, allowing them to instantly record the cardholder’s information, and be secure in the knowledge that the cardholder is qualified for the job they do on-site.

Click below to find out how to use CSCS SmartCards (including LISS/CSCS) and the Go Smart app.             

                                                      Go Smart App

There are three ways to check a card using CSCS Smart Check: via Contactless (NFC), using QR codes or by performing a manual check. The explainer videos are below, including what a successful and failed verification attempt looks like on the app.

Successful and failed verification

How to check a card using Contactless

How to use check a card using a QR code

How to check a card using Manual Check