terms and conditions

LISS/CSCS Declaration

I confirm that I am the applicant and to the best of my knowledge the information provided in this application form is correct and I agree to comply with the LISS/CSCS Scheme rules as laid out in the LISS/CSCS Scheme Booklet.  I understand and agree that the information on this form can be used by BALI/CITB for the purposes of administering the LISS/CSCS Scheme, this may include passing information to employers or training providers and for this purpose, your data may be entered onto a secure database accessible to scheme administrators via a web browser. Please note: All application fees are non-refundable. If your application is incomplete you will be given 90 days to resolve any issues. Any applications returned after 90 days will be subject to an additional £38.00 non-refundable application fee.


Fair Processing Notice

The information you provide to us will be used for administering the LISS/CSCS Scheme and for purposes connected with our role as an Industrial Training Board in accordance with the Industrial Training Act 1982. Your data will be held securely and treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to external parties other than as required for the purposes described above, which may include sharing your information on a construction training register as well as with employers, awarding organisations or training providers. For information explaining your legal rights and how we use your information, please view our Privacy Notice online at www.citb.co.uk/privacy.