phytosanitary checks

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) have introduced regulations to ensure all machinery (with the exception of brand-new machinery) will be subject to plant health regulations when being imported from any third country. 

Importers must ensure machinery is accompanied by an official statement such as phytosanitary certificate, confirming the machine has been cleaned and is free from soil and plant debris.

The list covered by the new legislation includes machinery likely to be imported by the landscape and horticulture industry, including:

  • Machinery for soil preparation or cultivation; lawn or sports-ground rollers
  • Root or tuber harvesting machines
  • Forestry machinery (excluding chainsaws)
  • Agricultural tractors and forestry tractors, wheeled, of an engine power not exceeding 18kW
  • Third countries include any which is not either in the European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Area (EFTA)

All plant health inspections of controlled machinery will be performed by APHA inspectors and recorded on the Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates System (PEACH).

Further information on the new regulation is available from the APHA helpline +44(0)1904 405138.

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