What is BALI's role in LISS/CSCS?

BALI administers the LISS/CSCS scheme on behalf of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

Applicants who apply online or via postal also send evidence of achievement to BALI who check that the application is complete and validates the online submission and/or paperwork. BALI then forwards the application to CSCS, a SmartCard is produced and sent directly to the applicant.

The charge for each application is £38.00 (including VAT at the prevailing rate). N.B. Fees will be banked at the start of the application process.  Applicants will be contacted if the application is incomplete and requested to provide all supporting evidence within 90 days. Any supporting evidence submitted after 90 days will be subject to an additional application fee of £38.00 (including VAT at the prevailing rate). The current fee is correct at the time of publication.

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