What are the aims of the LISS/CSCS scheme?

The scheme aims to:

  • keep a record of workers in the land-based industry who have achieved a recognised level of competence
  • raise health & safety standards that help to reduce the risks and number of accidents throughout the industry
  • encourage land-based, construction, and all other related industries and their customers to use skilled workers
  • provide certification for UK workers that could be accepted throughout Europe through agreements with other European national schemes to mutually recognise qualifications
  • promote and include as appropriate National Highways Sector Schemes
  • be available on a voluntary basis to land-based workers whose occupations are not covered by a certification scheme
  • ensure that workers have access to a recognised SmartCard scheme in order to be able to access employment
  • provide SmartCards to all who work in the land-based sector whether or not sector scheme compliant
  • review and continually improve the skills and competencies of personnel employed in the land-based industry

Note 1: Competency equivalence of other SmartCards

Where applicants hold other SmartCards (e.g. from a state other than England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland), it will be necessary to establish the competency equivalence of such SmartCards and such advice should be sought from the appropriate Sector Skills Council or issuing /awarding body of the recognised sectors. We recommend that you work to the BuildUK Training Standard available on the BuildUK website.

Note 2: Plant and machinery

Many plant SmartCards are awarded on the basis of a training course alone. Although the training may be in accord with NOS, this is nevertheless training under controlled conditions and not competence as demonstrated through the acquisition of experience of operating a machine under a range of conditions in a working environment. Employers need to recognise this key difference and ensure that inexperienced workers are carefully managed and their experience developed. The LISS/CSCS committee do not have the resources or qualifications to thoroughly assess such training courses and subsequent competency. We recommend that you work to the BuildUK Training Standard available on the BuildUK website.

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