ROLO Online - Operative - 1day

ROLO Operative Training

ROLO - Online
17 Jul 2024
New 1 Day version
Opening times:
09.00 to 15.45

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ROLO ONLINE has become popular since the Pandemic. It is a flexible option for individuals and smaller numbers looking to find a place on an open course. The only limitation is the group size of 12 delegates. 

The one-day ROLO course (via our preferred ZOOM platform) is a prerequisite for obtaining your LiSS/CSCS Smartcard.  Along with you ROLO certification, you will need to pass your CITB CSCS test and, depending on your card choice, possibly supply evidence of certification, licenses or qualifications.

ROLO certificates are valid for five years if you are using the scheme to demonstrate industry related health and safety training.  If, however, you intend to apply for a LISS/CSCS Smartcard, you must do this within 2 years of its issue date.

Zoom invites are sent to you in advance of the training.  YOU will use the invite on the day or FORWARD it to your delegate who will use it on the day.  Assessments are also completed online using the same web accessible device with video and audio enabled.  There is an enrolment process that can be discussed later.

You can use the email link below to contact for further info or view our dedicated site also listed below.

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