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N T Killingley Ltd

Old Manor Park, Mansfield Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England, S42 5DQ

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Awards & Accreditations

  • Domestic Garden Construction - Soft Landscaping - Unlimited Cost

    2017 - Domestic Garden Construction - Soft Landscaping - Unlimited Cost
    A Private Residence in North Yorkshire

    Domestic Garden Construction - Soft Landscaping - Unlimited Cost
    The works required a full renovation and improvement to the grounds of an existing property. Spring 2015 involved the installation of semi-mature trees around the grounds to provide defined perimeters, along with 15,000 individually protected hawthorns along new hedge lines. Following the successful completion of this phase, we began consultations with the landscape architect and assisted in creating the budget for the overall improvements of the external grounds. Works began March 2016 with the initial site strip and site clearance. The grounds were extremely wet, so drainage was installed in the front lawn and along the entrance drive, connecting into the existing ditch system, followed by installing 625lin.m of 1.2m x 0.5m x 0.5m instant Beech hedging flanking both sides of the entrance drive. The surroundings were transformed to create a number of striking habitats. An Evergreen Garden comprising of contrasting sandstone paving and raised edgings against high quality turf and finished with structural Box balls and a 6m specimen Red Maple. The Main Informal Lawn included 5,500m2 of seeding, ornamental structure planting, renovation of an existing pond and installation of a Heli-pad. Formal Lawn comprised of a newly created turfed lawn built on top of an 80/20 sand/soil bed on top of a 7mm pozidrain , surroundings finished with ornamental grasses, shrub planting and low-level structural planting. The Spa and Sheltered Garden was planted with a variety of ornamental shrubs, grasses, box balls, yew cones and six cloud pines. Other areas included a Wildflower Orchard, Kitchen Garden and Tennis Court garden. Killingley successfully installed 625 lin.m of instant hedge, 1,250 10L specimen shrubs, 260 semi-mature trees, 12,000 ornamental shrubs, 200 topiary plants, 50,000 bulbs, 150 m3 of ameliorants, 1,000 t of BS3882 Topsoil, 1,000 lin.m of strip drains, 750 lin.m of service ducts and a structural/drained Heli-pad.
  • Hard Landscaping Construction (non-domestic) - Between £300k - £1.5 million

    2017 - Hard Landscaping Construction (non-domestic) - Between £300k - £1.5 million
    Fielding Johnson Square, University of Leicester

    Hard Landscaping Construction (non-domestic) - Between £300k - £1.5 million We were appointed as principal contractor for the re-development of an existing underused car park situated within the heart of the university campus. The space comprised a combination of heavily patched tarmac with a single line of Ash trees set within diamond tree pits with only limited, low ecological value ornamental planting forming a visual barrier between the space and adjacent pedestrian route. The brief from the University was to create 'a high-quality multi-use events space' that catered for the needs of the various user groups. Barry Chinn Associates were appointed as lead designers for the project. The paving layout has been designed to create a clutter-free space with clear unobstructed access routes connecting to the surrounding campus buildings. A palette of carefully selected hard landscape materials has been chosen to complement the architectural styling of the buildings utilising both natural stone and concrete aggregate paving. A warmer sandstone has been selected to wrap around the Grade II listed Fielding Johnson Building forming a plinth around its base whilst the clean lines of granite have been used to continue the strong axis leading towards the fully glazed library building. A combination of contemporary silver grey concrete aggregate paving has been selected for the main central square with dashes of more natural tones included to add warmth and depth whilst feature contrasting bands dissect the space. A planting palette has been selected to provide spatial definition and attractive seasonal interest using a combination of ornamental and herbaceous species. Tree species have been chosen to best meet the needs of the site with formal upright species (Liriodendron tulipifera fastigiata) selected along the central pedestrian access leading to the library, whilst larger stature trees (Liquidambar styraciflua 'Worplesdon') with incredible leaf shape and dazzling autumn colour (deep claret) have been used to frame the central square.
  • Hard Landscaping Construction (Non-domestic) - Construction Cost Between £300K – £1.5 million

    2016 - Hard Landscaping Construction (Non-domestic) - Construction Cost Between £300K – £1.5 million
    Elk Mill

    Hard Landscaping Construction (Non-domestic) - Construction Cost Between £300K – £1.5 million
    Elk Mill Retail Park, Oldham was built on the site of the original Elk Mill which, when built in 1928 was the largest textile factory of its type in the UK. The photographs depict the old cotton spinning machinery.
    The projects was the regeneration of the exterior areas of the retail park during the period April 2015 to October 2015, comprising high quality paved pedestrian and shared vehicle areas, car parking areas, street furniture, drainage, tarmac, semi-mature tree planting and resin bound surfaces.  

    The works were carried out in a live site and as a result a complex phasing system had to be developed. The scheme was primarily to enhance the pedestrian areas including defined walkways, dwell areas and increased width to retail frontages to improve safety and pedestrian movement. All the works were carried out by our in-house specialist staff. 

    The scheme was primarily to enhance the pedestrian areas including defined walkways, dwell areas and increased width to retail frontages to improve safety and pedestrian movement.

    Installation of decorative paving to pedestrian areas and shop frontages.

    Inclusion of high quality street furniture and landscaping to retail frontages.

    Refurbishment of the car parking areas and defined disabled and parent and child parking zones

    Increased cycle storage to promote sustainable transport modes.

    Hard and soft landscaping

    Adaptions to the existing surface water drainage and new drainage channels

    New raised terrace to the side elevation of retails stores

    Build of new planters and installation of resin bound material for feature areas.
    Client/Main Contractor: Lindum Group
    Architect: Vector Design Concepts
    Designer: Vector Design – The Harris Partnership
    Suppliers: Aggregate Industries, Bailey Artform, Hardscape, Marshalls Landscape Products
  • Employer Excellence - Turnover over 2.5 million

    2016 - Employer Excellence - Turnover over 2.5 million
    N T Killingley

    Employer Excellence - Turnover over 2.5 million
    Established nearly 45 years ago with a handful of staff we have grown over the years to become a significant local employer providing jobs to 120 people.

    We feel that we are an excellent employer company and have staff who value us as much as we value them creating a family feel whilst being progressive and innovative.
    We have tried to retain the family feel of the company as it was when it was first formed, as the company has grown it has divided into clear departments and each is run by a department director who in turn treats this as a small company. Overall this has helped to create a small company feel in a medium sized company.
  • 2014 - Hard Landscaping Construction (Non-domestic) - Cost Btwn £300K – £1.5m
    Uppingham School Science Block, Rutland, LE15

    Hard Landscaping Construction (Non-domestic) - Cost Btwn £300K – £1.5m
    Creation of a new quad within a prestigous school. Works include Earthworks Installation of Drainage Decorative paving Creation of outdoor terraced classroom Installation of Street furniture Soft Landscaping.
    Judges comments
    "Redevelopment of the science block within a large public school that included a roof terrace. Belgian brick paviours are incredibly well laid and Yorkstone used. Excellent quality work".
  • Land Renewal Scheme

    2004 - Land Renewal Scheme
    The Sidings Park, Loughborough

    This simple but well constructed community park has been built on former railway sidings in Loughborough. It is a good example of what a well conceived but modest piece of landscape can do for a neighborhood. By improving the environment, providing social space and offering loads of play potential the whole area has been lifted. A really worthwhile scheme well received by local residents.