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Cotswold Garden Company, The

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  • Domestic Garden Construction - Construction Cost Between £30K – £60K

    2016 - Domestic Garden Construction - Construction Cost Between £30K – £60K
    A Private Residence in Hatherop

    Domestic Garden Construction - Construction Cost Between £30K – £60K
    The finished garden had to have perfect crisp lines and immaculate planting/turfing to execute the design.
    We carried out the work over a short timescale during terrible weather working along with the main contractor on the project, we co-ordinated the clients, M&E contractors with installation of the complex ducting and cable installations.

    The steel edging had to be flawless and we made sure that any joints were not visible.
    The plan had been drawn in 2D with no levels taken into consideration on the site. We had to interpret the plan working closely with the designer to integrate it with the site levels while keeping the overall look. On starting the project it was found that the 2 ends of the barn were at different levels and we had to tie in all of the existing building levels, make sure the lawns appeared flat, this took some time and planning but we made it work.

    The Corten steel edging had to be welded on site by ourselves, we are used to working with steel edging with just the top visible so a certain amount of flexibility is acceptable. In this case all of the steel is out of the ground and so needs to be totally rigid to have the straight lines of the design and retain the soil. Along with steel angles concreted into the ground, we carefully set out additional lateral reinforcement, which was also welded on to keep the edges perfectly straight. All of this was done outside in one of the wettest winters on record which provided quite a challenge

    Services were all over the site and none recorded. Excavator work was particularly difficult we used a cat scanner/dividing rods and soil pick to locate services.

    The wet weather also affected our turf supplier, when we had laid half of the lawn it became evident that the quality of turf varied considerably and we had to reject it. No supplier could offer us better turf with the saturated ground conditions so to allow the client to enjoy Christmas at the house we laid all of the turf and then took it all up 2 months later and relayed it when our supplier could give us the best quality again.

    Not originally part of the design twelve 1.2m narrow high planters had to be placed by the door. Unable to stand themselves, we had to drill and fix metal bars into the paving which went up into the pots to stabilise them.

    The topiary and trees all arrived on an arctic even though a smaller lorry had been specified. We had to off load the plants a few hundred meters from the house, & transport them to the garden with a JCB as the lorry could not access the property.

    The position of the ½ ton 1.5m wide topiary balls was changed at the end of the project, no machine could get into the garden with the narrow paths, and it took 6 men to drag them to their final destination on the opposite side of the garden.
    Designer: Louise del Balzo Garden Design
    Suppliers: Hills Quarry Products, Landscape Plus, Litchen Garden Antiques, Rolawn, GLC & R Williams
  • Domestic Garden Construction - Construction Cost Between £60K – £100K

    2016 - Domestic Garden Construction - Construction Cost Between £60K – £100K
    A Private Residence in Tetbury

    Domestic Garden Construction - Construction Cost Between £60K – £100K
    The project is a complete reconstruction of the gardens around the Old Rectory including extensive planting and topiary, sawn yorkstone paving, bespoke metal edging and cobble paths. Contractor designed lighting and irrigation scheme with automated irrigation system and remote lighting.
    Designer: Rachel Garrood Garden & Landscape Design
    Suppliers: Genus Plant Sourcing, GLC & R Williams, Litchen Garden Antiques, LandscapePlus, Garden Supplies
  • Domestic Garden Construction - Construction Cost Over £250K

    2015 - Domestic Garden Construction - Construction Cost Over £250K
    Private Residence, Bath

    Domestic Garden Construction - Construction Cost Over £250K
    The site sits in 90 acres on the out skirts of Bath. This project transformed the 4 acres of garden & landscape knit around the house. The project comprised of: Large Structural Engineer designed retaining walls faced with natural stone Major earth works including removal of existing swimming pool York Stone terraces Grass Steps, Stone steps & timber/ hoggin steps Lawns/turfing Stone Rill & Water features Hoggin & metal edging Drainage & Services Planting
    Client:  Private
    Designer:  Arabella Lennox-Boyd Landscape & Architectural Design
    Architect:  Arabella Lennox-Boyd Landscape & Architectural Design        
    Suppliers:  Lichen Garden Antiques, Chalford Building Supplies Ltd, Melcourt Industries Ltd, Genus Plant Sourcing, Landscape Plus
  • 2014 - Domestic Garden Construction - cost btwn £30K – £60K
    Private residence Cirencester, GL7

    Domestic Garden Construction - cost btwn £30K – £60K The scheme was a compete design and build of the garden. The garden was very overgrown and neglected. The existing lawn was reshaped to hide the existing manholes, 2 new sandstone dining terraces were built. Work included new planting beds and hoggin paths. The existing rotten boundary fence was replaced with woven oak fence panels. A bespoke sedum roofed oak building was built for storage along with a sedum roofed water butt. A summerhouse was installed and LED lighting was designed and installed to illuminate the garden at night. The garden was designed and built to create a journey around the garden, with spaces to sit and enjoy the different views and different outdoor rooms for the grand children to explore.