DEFRA on Protecting and Enhancing Trees and Woodlands

DEFRA on Protecting and Enhancing Trees and Woodlands

News - 09 January 2019

Last year various media channels raised awareness of the growing conflict between contractors felling mature trees on behalf of Sheffield City Council, and residents who questioned the need for the works.  Thanks to the power of social media the story gathered considerable momentum, and within days many industry experts picked apart the justification given by the council and contractors. 

The news story exposed the conflict of interest between local authorities looking to save money on maintenance budgets and a public who treasure their greenspace.  As the news reports demonstrated, there is a strong case for more consultation between authorities and interested parties.

Defra has taken the sensible approach of opening a consultation into four new measures which are designed to increase transparency and accountability in the process of felling street trees, as well as improving stakeholder and public engagement.  BALI will complete the survey and participate in consultations, with the aim of safeguarding greenspaces despite financial pressures. 

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