Advice from Adtrak as Google’s HTTPS deadline draws nearer

Advice from Adtrak as Google’s HTTPS deadline draws nearer

News - 06 June 2018

From July 2018, Google will explicitly identify insecure sites in the Chrome browser. This makes it more important than ever to ensure your website is secure to avoid missing out on valuable website visitors and potential sales leads.

Ben Shaw, an Account Director at Adtrak, our digital marketing partner, is on hand to explain the ramifications and importance of Google’s HTTPS update, as well as to provide help to any landscaping businesses that require it.

“In layman’s terms, Google’s HTTPS update will mean that all websites that begin http://, rather than https://, will be marked as ‘not secure’ in Chrome’s address bar (also known as the omnibox). A HTTPS site, on the other hand, will be displayed as ‘secure’ with a green padlock.

This warning will be shown following a Google update in July 2018, with a full rollout expected across all HTTP websites by September 2018.

The warning will only appear when you are using Chrome. However, with an estimated 56% of worldwide web users using Chrome as their preferred internet browser, the impacts are set to be considerable.

Think of the warning as a name-and-shame label coming directly from Google; they are warning internet users that your website has security issues. Therefore, this is highly likely to have a detrimental effect on user confidence and experience.

Not only should you expect a reduced number of website visitors and a higher bounce rate - which simply means more people leaving your site to go elsewhere - but the Google update will also negatively impact your search engine ranking, advertising impressions, conversion rate and sales.

To keep it short and simple, if your website is currently HTTP, it is incredibly important to prioritise migrating to a HTTPS site. For e-commerce and lead generation sites in particular, it is no longer a consideration but a must, as an insecure warning is certain to adversely affect sales.

July 2018 is the deadline for when prominent warnings will begin to show - so the countdown is on!”

Depending on the size of your website, and the scope of the project, making the move from HTTP to HTTPS can be quite a challenge. However, as a BALI partner, Adtrak are on hand to make the change as simple and stress-free as possible. If you’d like HTTPs help and advice, simply get in touch with the experts at Adtrak today.

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