BALI and BALI-NCF update on the National Living Wage

BALI and BALI-NCF update on the National Living Wage

News - 12 May 2017

National Living Wage Update

In 2016, BALI and BALI-NCF jointly wrote to Government ministers and members of the Low Pay Commission highlighting the implications for the local authority grounds maintenance sector of the implementation of the National Living Wage.

Over the five-year implementation period existing local authority grounds maintenance contracts would become financially non-viable because labour costs for the staff involved would rise by 20% over the period. The letter further asked for the increased costs to be treated as ‘pass through’ costs, with the Local Authority picking up the cost in full.

Following a subsequent meeting, BALI and BALI-NCF were invited by the Low Pay Commission to contribute to Chapter 2 of the Commission’s 2016 Report to Government and BALI-NCF was invited to participate in future consultations with the commission.

The Low Pay Commission is currently inviting stakeholders to submit evidence of the impact of the most recent NLW increases to inform thinking about future updates.  BALI-NCF has, as a result of its previous efforts, been asked to contribute to this consultation process and will be asking for relevant input from its members.  The Low Pay Commission will use the evidence base to provide recommendations to the Government.  The deadline for submissions is Friday, 7th July 2017. 

Any BALI or BALI-NCF members interested in contributing to this process will find a copy of the Low Pay Commission consultation document here. Please send your evidence to by no later than 30th June 2017 to ensure inclusion.

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