Ecology & Environmental Management

Please select the appropriate card below:

Eco. & Env. Skilled Worker - Blue

This card is for a skilled worker who is approved and licensed with the appropriate licensing authorities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Eco. & Env. Academically Qualified Person (AQP)

This card is available for applicants who have achieved a related Degree, HND or HNC in Ecology and Environmental Science.

Eco. & Env. Trainee PQP - Red

This card is for either a Student/Qualifying/Graduate or Associate Member of CIEEM.

Eco. & Env. Professionally Qualified Person (PQP)

This card is available for applicants who are Full Members of CIEEM only.

Eco. & Env. Visitors - Yellow

Available for people who frequently visit a site but do not work on the site.

Eco. & Env. Provisional

This card is for people who are on a probationary period or supervised work experience 16+ lasts only six months and not renewable.


Note: All above are required to successfully achieve the CITB Touch Screen Test appropriate to their card level

Note: All above (with the exception of Visitors) are required to attend and pass the ROLO Heath & Safety Awareness Course