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  • Xylella: BALI’s Best Practice Guide

    14 Dec 2017

    We all know what Xylella is by now. We’ve read the countless articles in newspapers and trade magazines. We know where it came from (South America), what it’s host list looks like (frighteningly long) and what to look out for (anything unusual).

  • Canker Stain of Plane

    24 Nov 2017

    Whilst its common name sounds the beginning of a popular tongue-twister, the reality of the disease featured in this week’s technical article is rather more sobering. Ceratocystis platani, which may also be referred to as plane wilt disease, is a serious threat to several plane species, including London plane (Platanus x acerifolia) and its parents, Platanus orientalis and Platanus occidentalis.

  • Reporting suspected pests and diseases

    24 Nov 2017

    One of the areas the BALI biosecurity statement focusses on, is disease surveillance. BALI are currently producing a number of technical articles, sent to members on a weekly basis, which will help identify new and established biosecurity threats.

  • Oak Processionary Moth - Update

    Advice, Environment, Guidance, Pest, Disease and Pesticides, Trees - 09 Nov 2017

  • Biosecurity in Landscape - BALI Position Statement 2017

    Advice, Environment, Guidance, Industry Info, Invasive Species, Pest, Disease and Pesticides, Trees - 27 Oct 2017

    BALI is committed to championing the highest standards of design, construction and maintenance in the landscape industry, and is proud to release its latest biosecurity principles, which BALI encourages it’s members and supporters to follow, in turn helping to protect and secure the future of the wider environment.