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  • Keep it Clean

    15 Mar 2018

    Advice is provided regarding the biosecurity equipment which should be carried by landscape operatives, and when they should use this.

  • Time for landscape machinery to clean up its act

    08 Mar 2018

    Internal combustion engines have become ubiquitous with the landscape industry. From strimmers and lawnmowers to tractors and chippers, the flexibility and relative affordability of petrol and diesel-powered machinery has resulted in significant savings in labour and time.

  • Acute & Chronic Oak decline

    22 Feb 2018

    The health of any tree may decline as it ages, or if it is subjected to biotic or abiotic factors. Many pathogens target specific species, and lead to a decline in health over short or longer time periods.

  • The hungry caterpillars: Oak processionary moth and pine processionary moth

    26 Jan 2018

    Surveys carried out by the Forestry Commission in summer 2017 revealed some movement of populations. In some cases, OPM populations recorded in 2016, were absent in 2017 (e.g. Epping Forest in Essex and Watford Borough in Hertfordshire). Unfortunately, new populations were discovered during surveys in 2017, in areas of Surrey, suggesting the pest is moving in a westerly direction from London.